Time is Flying

The weather is finally warming up this week. Sweaters and hoodies are being packed away; shorts and tank tops are coming out to play. As I washed, dried, and folded the small collection of summer clothes that I know to still fit my children, I realized they are getting bigger and older.

All parents say that time flies when it comes to their children’s ages. I know my mother says that as she watches me approach my 30th birthday. I say it at the beginning of each month, as we count down the months to my son’s 10th birthday.

Why is it some things seem to draw on longer and take forever, yet the ages of our children just fly by? I don’t want my children to grow up. I enjoy the youth and innocence they project, teaching them the ways of life. Soon are the days neither of them will need me for anything. My days revolve around them; what am I going to do with myself once they are grown and out of the house?

People tell me they are still young and I don’t have to worry about this for several more years. However, I feel like I need to start mentally preparing myself for it because the years seem to fly by. It feels like only yesterday I was holding my son in the hospital when he decided to grace us with his arrival. It feels like only yesterday I was wiping up baby spit up off my daughter’s chin and shirt. Now my son will be entering the double digits, a hop and skip away from being a teenager. My daughter will be going to school everyday. rnyyloa7

I know growing up is a part of a life, and while I am excited to see who they become and what they do in life, it doesn’t mean I have to really like the idea of them being adults. I don’t have to like the idea of them not needing me like they do now.

Time surely does fly when it comes to being a parent. I just have to treasure every moment I can with them now before they enter the real world and do what they are meant to in life.




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