Last Day of School: Surprise Zoo Visit

Today marks the end of school for my son, Tyler. He has finished the third grade and will continue his journey into the fourth grade next year. Too say he is excited is an understatement. summer

Usually every year we finish the last day of school with something fun. This year was no different. We had lunch at an Applebee’s and then spent the afternoon at the nearby zoo.

For $20, it wasn’t a bad afternoon. It threatened to rain, but it never came. Also, for a small zoo, it was a lot of walking involved.

This zoo has been around since I was Tyler’s age. However, in the years, they have revamped it and made it bigger and included more animals. A small train ride has been added, which wasn’t too bad for the $2 per person. A petting zoo with goats were a fan favorite among my kids. We also saw most of the animals. Much to Lily’s disapproval, the kangaroo was hiding. Tyler claims he enjoyed the¬†monkeys the most, but I suspect that had to do with the fact it was one of the few animals who were not snoozing in the afternoon sun.

My favorite had to be the lions. Two lion cubs were born around the same time as Lily, which puts them at about five years old now. It’s fun watching them grow each year. While they are like any cat and were lazying around today, one was showing off his teeth while trying to eat the flies buzzing around his head. I could have sit around watching them all day, but the kids wanted to go-go-go!


One of the lion cubs. Picture taken Summer 2015.

To finish off his last day of school celebration I am getting him his favorite dinner. Pizza and breadsticks. I’ve been deemed the “best mother ever” today and it feels good.